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Small Systems Company is now closed. It was open for business from 1983 to 2003.
This site remains online to support the many documents here which may be of some public value.
Below, all is as it was....

We provide design, consulting, and production services in four general areas: 1) technology and enterprise, 2) environmental restoration and planning, 3) architecture and construction, and 4) community and business development. Good collaborative design methods are at the heart of all our services. We bring the right expertise and experience to work for you, working with you to produce great designs. Please select your area of interest:

technology environment architecture community

technology | environment | architecture | community

co-intelligent* services for design groups

In our online reference page, Infotool , you will find over 100 reference tools for specific information categories as well as many other great collections of practical web sites. When you have a question that might be answered on the web, Infotool is a great place to start, so we use it as a home page. You can too. Our published documents, and some other items, are found in the PUB directory.

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This is the home of Small Systems Company, dba for Rhodes Hileman, and associates, serving web pages from our AMD K6-2 Suse Linux/Apache box on the premises.